Why Bommer?

We help you spend less time on your BOM

There are real inefficiencies in core engineering tools and large business solutions that more often than not get in the engineer’s way. That’s why we created Bommer, to develop a bill of materials solution that is lightweight enough for a small startup to adopt without disruption, and flexible enough to provide value at any size team or organization.

Bommer grew out of one founder’s experience trying to build a hardware startup. As CTO of a food robotics company, Jesse often had trouble just getting a useful bill of materials (BOM) out of CAD. It was a headache every time he needed to review a material list, approve purchases, or get a list of parts needed to build a prototype, so when he left to start Bommer, he was determined to solve this.

Designed for engineers first

We designed Bommer for the engineer first with the belief that saving valuable engineering time will necessarily produce a better bottom line for your business. Everything we do is done with a strong eye towards how to help the engineer stay focused on where they can add the most value.

Setup in minutes

This is not your average engineering software. Bommer gets you exporting BOMs within 4 minutes of installing it (seriously, watch!) and can be adapted to your workflow without hiring expensive consultants.

Fast return on investment

Once set up, Bommer can save hours — if not days — of engineering time otherwise spent getting the BOM right. The cost of Bommer is much less than the cost of a mistake on a purchase order, making us one of the easiest ROI decisions on the market.

No “lock in”, but you won’t want to leave

Bommer uses existing property storage inside your CAD files - such as SOLIDWORKS custom properties - to store your BOM data. Where that isn't possible, Bommer will utilize the best storage mechanism available to ensure you have control over your data.

Collaboration and component reuse made easy

Since your Bommer data lives with your design data, you don’t have multiple sources of truth to consult. You reduce the back and forth needed to verify that everything and everyone is on the same page. And the work you have done inputting property data can be leveraged further by including those parts and subassemblies in new designs.

Opinionated about software, not engineering workflows

We strongly believe it is not our job to tell our users how to do their job. Do you like to fill out your BOM as you work? We can support that. Do you wait and detail your BOM all in one shot? We can support that too. Some customers have built entire workflows around Bommer, from project checklists inside the add-in to cost estimators in our Excel-based export templates. For many, though, it’s just a really solid custom property database editor.

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