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Access and edit your bill of materials for your entire assembly without switching files. View and export your engineering bill of materials without leaving CAD.

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View and edit your SOLIDWORKS custom properties for every part in your assembly, without leaving SOLIDWORKS. Long gone are the days of having to tab in and out of different parts to look at and edit your BOM data.

Screenshot of properties in a bill of materials in Bommer for Solidworks
Screenshot of editting part descriptions in a spreadsheet view in Bommer for Solidworks


Spreadsheet Editing

Mow through your BOM updates with blazing speed using a spreadsheet inspired interface. Get the tedious part of the work out of the way so that you can go back to spending time where it matters, creating awesome designs.



Easily export a fully functional flat or hierarchical BOM, with full control over what data you want to see. Configure the spreadsheet and export what you see, or tell Bommer to export all of your project BOM data; the choice is yours!

Side by side screenshots of Bommer for Solidworks and an exported BOM spreadsheet open in Microsoft Excel
Screenshot of a bill of materials spreadsheet exported from Bommer for Solidworks using a pre formated export template built in Excel


Export Templates

Create custom export formats and no-code / low-code apps powered by your BOM data. Bommer uses templates you define in Excel workbooks to let you create material calculators, custom reports, or simply format your data however you want.


& Filters

Control what rows and properties you see at any given time. Save named Views and Filters to quickly see the exact data you need to see, when you need it.

Screenshot of a modal for editing Views with a selected subset of available properties in Bommer for Solidworks
Screenshot of a bill of materials being imported from Microsoft Excel in Bommer for Solidworks


& Integration

Easily get your data into SOLIDWORKS with the ability to import your data from an outside source into Bommer without having to manually input that data. Set it up once and import the data as many times as you need, whether it be a one time deal or a two way flow.

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