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Bommer lives within Autodesk® Fusion 360™ to let you build, capture, and export your project bill of materials, always on your own terms. Store your data alongside your designs in the Autodesk cloud and never misplace it again.

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Capture & Viewing

Easily access and edit all of your information in a single table or component by component. Even works for linked components! Search, filter, and organize your bill of materials to find your data fast.

Screenshot of properties in a bill of materials in Bommer for Fusion 360
Side by side screenshots of Bommer for Fusion 360 and an exported BOM spreadsheet open in Microsoft



With full control over what properties you want to see in your BOM, editing in Excel is now a thing of the past. Your BOM data is now 3 clicks away from being ready to send off to the manufacturer!



Integrated directly into Fusion 360, Bommer is the only system that gives you real custom properties with your part data. Bommer lets users easily create custom properties that are specific to their exact needs.

Screenshot of custom properties in a bill of materials in Bommer for Fusion 360
Screenshot of a modal to insert a BOM onto a drawing and the resulting Fusion 360 drawing with BOM in
    Bommer for Fusion 360


Drawing Parts Lists

Bring any of your Bommer properties to bear and build a table with any number of levels and rows. Easily make your parts lists work for your unique designs and drawings.



Automatically capture and export component thumbnails, bounding box dimensions, mass properties, and other built-in design information. Build cut-lists and order lists with a few mouse clicks. Reclaim that time and focus more on your design!

Screenshot of automatically available properties like area and density for a part in Bommer for Fusion
Screenshot of a bill of materials in Bommer for Fusion 360 that has been editted by multiple engineers


With Your Team

Bommer makes it easy to keep your data up to date and shared with your teams! All data is stored with your design files in the Autodesk cloud, so your teammates can see your work and collaborate.

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“This add-in is a must have if you create assemblies in Fusion 360. It makes the creation of BOMs a breeze.” - Chuck K.

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