BOMMER FOR   Autodesk Fusion 360

Installation guide

We're excited for you to get started with Bommer for Fusion 360.
Follow these steps to get up and running, or watch our video below.

Steps to install

Open the Bommer for Fusion 360 page in the app store.
Go to App Store
Select your operating system and download the installer.
Run the installer and follow the on screen instructions.
Close and re-open Fusion 360.
Fusion 360 should be restarted to recognize new add-in installation.
Once Fusion 360 loads, click on the Utilities Tab in the design workspace and Confirm Bommer is present
If you see the Software Update Available icon, click it to update to the latest version.
To apply the update after it is installed, you will need to restart Bommer. Simply restart Fusion 360 or check out our guide for more options.
Stopping and restarting Bommer
Run a Bommer command to activate your account and officially start your trial.
Congratulations! You're on your way to a simplier, safer BOM workflow.

Step by step video

Need some help?

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“I like that I can be done with my design at 5:15 and email a BOM at 5:17” — John R.

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