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Bommer is an add-in for Fusion 360 and SOLIDWORKS that vastly simplifies the work of building your bills of materials without leaving your CAD environment.

Bill of materials software.
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Engineer, meet Bommer. Bill of materials software that adds powerful, ridiculously easy-to-use BOM management to CAD.

We created Bommer for you, the innovators. It's more than a tool; it's a team member that works tirelessly in the background, ensuring everything ticks without a hitch. It's like having a personal assistant who's got a gift for bill of materials management, so you don't have to sweat the small stuff. And the best part? It's all about keeping those pesky mistakes at bay and giving your business's bottom line a healthy boost, without the headache of hopping between a dozen different platforms.

Bommer has a knack for automating the nitty-gritty. It's like the best kind of magic trick with your bill of materials and metadata - one minute you're staring at a mountain of work, and the next, poof! All done. But don't let this trick fool you into thinking that's all there is to the show. The real magic? It's in how using Bommer feels so... effortless. And in the world of BOM software, that's a game-changer.

Easy setup

Easy Setup

Forget about costly setups. With Bommer, you'll be exporting high quality BOMs within minutes of self-installation (we aren’t kidding), and all configuration can be done right in the app.

Seamless Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration

Bommer empowers your team to collaborate fearlessly. By storing all BOM data with your CAD files, Bommer transform your designs into a single source of truth for your project.

Where You Need It

Where You Need It

Bommer is built to let you work where you’re comfortable - inside your design tools. Access your bill of materials with little to no context switching.

With Bommer, you’ll be producing accurate BOMs in no time.  You’ll no longer have to deal with juggling multiple programs or multiple sources of truth.  You’ll never again miscount your parts or struggle through manually building a bill of materials in Excel. And you’ll be supported by a team of passionate builders that sometimes has our users wondering if we “have a life outside of Bommer” (We do, but just barely).

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Why engineers choose Bommer

Seamless Integration

Powerful and familiar

Bommer integrates tightly with CAD so you build your bill of materials in a familiar user interface and without a steep learning curve. Bommer's customizability lets you easily set up your company’s exact bill of materials so you can integrate the BOM into your CAD workflow without the need to learn an entirely new software program.

Screenshot of Bommer edit part properties dialog from inside of Fusion 360
Screenshot of Bommer-generated bill of materials next to a part in Solidworks

Efficient BOM Management

Work faster, with fewer steps

Bommer provides efficient BOM management tools, eliminating the need to edit parts individually or create a sacrificial drawing just to export your BOM to Excel. You can edit your entire BOM from a single screen and export exactly the data you need with just a few clicks. Bommer enables more effective workflows with less switching and context loss. It’s that simple.

Accuracy and Standards

The right bill of materials every time

Bommer actively ensures your documents are accurate and adhere to your company standards. Bommer’s support for CAD metadata, custom properties, configurable column arrangements, export templates, automatic unit standardization, and more work hard to help you build your required documentation right the first time. Easily make sure your documentation is accurate and up to standard with Bommer.

Screenshot of an Bommer export modal in Solidworks with a template selected and template parameters filled out
Screenshot of a Bommer bill of materials using a formula to compute total board feet for each part in an assembly

Formulas and Templates

Automation built in

Bommer provides powerful automation that ranges from formulas that are calculated in every bill of materials you produce, to export templates defined in Excel that can be used to format documents or integrate your BOM with your business. Build your automation into your BOM and scratch items off that to-do list and do it safely and easily with Bommer!

What you get

Spreadsheet-like interface

Spreadsheet-like editor

View and edit real custom properties and real CAD BOM data in a familiar spreadsheet-like interface. Sort and filter your data, flatten your bill of materials, and enter formulas and other automation directly into a table so powerful and intuitive you’ll be saying “Holy Sheet”.



Build formulas into your bill of materials to perform calculations, generate text, transform data, and safely convert units, without you having to remember to “do it in Excel afterwards”. Use conditional logic to capture your exact business requirements, and reference any other property or any available design parameter in your calculations. Do more with less effort, automatically!

Customizable filters and views

Customizable filters and views

Use Bommer’s customizable filters and views to easily access the parts or properties you need. With just a few clicks, you can export all parts from a specific vendor, all custom-made parts, or all parts made with a certain material or process, and more. Provide your purchasers with the exact information they need to move your project forward.

Coming soon to Bommer for Fusion 360
Flexible exports

Flexible exports

Customize your exports to include only the data you want, in whatever format you need. Quickly export a hierarchical, flattened, top-level, or parts-only BOM. Use templates built in Excel to organize, format, and transform your exports, or build no-code apps powered by your BOM data where the only limit is your imagination (and what you can do in an Excel workbook).

Templates coming soon to Fusion 360
Importing and sharing

Importing and sharing

Import a spreadsheet from your ERP, PLM, inventory, or other system directly into your bill of materials. Send your bill of materials via email or to a server as easily as exporting to a file. Keep your engineering data in sync with your business data and deliver your project in less time with fewer miscommunications..

Built-in values

Built-in values

Leverage more than 50 (and growing) built-in values — pulled or generated directly from your CAD model — in your bill of materials, including part name, part number, quantity used in an assembly or subassembly, part thumbnail, indented sequence number, mass properties, bounding box dimensions, physical properties (such as center of mass), physical material, and many more. Where supported, Bommer also includes sheet metal and weldment properties and part configuration information. Take advantage of data built into CAD and reclaim your valuable time!

And of course, our world class support backed by real humans. With Bommer, you will always be able to get to a human to answer your question, help troubleshoot an issue, or hear your feedback or suggestions for improvement.

BOM Software FAQ

Bill of materials (BOM) software is used in product development and manufacturing to create, manage, and organize lists of components, parts, and materials required to build a product.

BOM software helps streamline production processes by providing the quantity and attributes of the parts required to build a product. This helps the production team track inventory, manage costs, and ensure accurate assembly. BOM software can also enable collaboration among team members, suppliers, and manufacturers, facilitating efficient project management and ensuring product quality and consistency throughout the entire product lifecycle.

BOM management is the process of organizing, maintaining, and utilizing bill of materials (BOM) data throughout the product lifecycle. This process is crucial for enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and ensuring the timely and cost-effective production of high-quality products.

It involves tasks such as creating and updating accurate bills of materials, managing component information, tracking revisions, and facilitating collaboration among stakeholders in product design, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Bill of materials software makes the process of creating bills of materials fast and easy compared to manually building a bill of materials in Excel or Google Sheets, and is often times easier to use than BOM modules in PLM or ERP software. Dedicated bill of materials software can also read BOM metadata directly from your design files, helping to save time, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency in the production process.

Most CAD programs (and other programs such as Excel and Google Sheets) support add-ins to allow 3rd party developers to add functionality for the end user to use within the program’s user interface. In some cases, an add-in is the only way for a program to access key internal data that a user may want to utilize. A bill of materials add-in is an add-in that provides functionality related to creating and updating a bill of materials.

The primary benefit of using a bill of materials add-in (over a stand-alone bill of materials software application) is to keep bill of materials data close to the design it represents, and to enable the project engineer or project manager to manage their bill of materials without switching out of their design tools.

Bommer is a simple, powerful bill of materials add-in for Autodesk Fusion and SOLIDWORKS. Bommer provides comprehensive BOM software capabilities with a user interface that is simple and intuitive, allowing engineers to save time and reduce errors by performing their BOM management tasks without leaving their CAD environment.

Bommer works by integrating with the host CAD program’s application programming interfaces to read assembly hierarchy, extract and store custom properties, store formulas and their results, perform accurate computations, and for Fusion 360, create and update drawing tables.

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