Our Mission

We build enjoyable, easy-to-use software, designed to automate the clerical work of building and maintaining bills of materials, so you can focus on what really matters

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate makers, product developers, and user advocates with a single goal to solve problems within the hardware development community

Jesse Rosalia
CEO, Head of Engineering
  • Georgia Tech Alumnus

  • 2 years as CTO of Sereneti Kitchen (a Highway1 alum)

  • 18 years in software development (DoD, Broadcast, Advertising)

  • Avid maker of things

James Ray
Head of Customer Development
  • Georgia Tech Alumnus

  • 2 years in QA/operations at AON Hewitt

  • Extraordinary wearer-of-many-hats on a mission to improve how users interact with their tools

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