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Bommer has really helped us manage the beast of parts that is the Marble Machine X. For such a large project not having a built in BOM for Fusion was a great hassle and Bommer took a big weight off our shoulders.  We were also able to use Bommer’s custom property system to track stages our parts went through, ensuring nothing gets missed in the process.

—  Martin M, Wintergatan, creator of the Marble Machine

It not only virtually eliminates the manual errors we were experiencing, it does so at a much faster speed than our numerous copy-paste-manipulate operations that we were previously performing. This saves our company both time and money.

—  Tim J, Bommer for SOLIDWORKS user

With Bommer we can export spreadsheets of the information within a Fusion design to manage ordering, stock, shipping and other steps. As an engineering and consulting company we create and implement fully digital workflows for our customers in product development and production. Transferring Bommer spreadsheets to other software in various departments and machines on the shopfloor has opened up a wide range of new possibilities. Check it out!

—  Philipp Süß, Founder, Süß & friends engineering

 I was having issues keeping my BOMs accurate and have found that using fusion 360 with Bommer has solved all of my BOM issues.

—  Alex T, P3 North America

This add-in is a must have if you create assemblies in Fusion 360. It makes the creation of BOM's a breeze. It is also worth mentioning that the support is top notch.

—  Chuck Kolm, Foltz Machine LLC

Fusion's great for design but not so great if you're trying to put together part/assembly documentation and ordering information. Bommer does a great job of filling this gap in capabilities, and should be a required addition for anyone trying to actually get their design built in the real world.

—  Jake Rose, Darkvision Tech

I needed to create a parts list with dimensions from Fusion360 for a design I had created with approaching 100 components and came across Bommer. Wow. Within a few minutes of downloading the trial, I had the output which saved me hours. All the details and dimensions were right there. The extra opportunity of adding bespoke fields and date to each component within Bommer was also hugely valuable. I would highly recommend anyone to try this software out.

—  Anthony L, Bommer for Fusion 360 user

It's a really good app for fusion, it makes life much more simple

—  Anton Piek, Bommer for Fusion 360 user

I'm just happy your app exists otherwise I would be completely f'ed.

—  Adrian M, Bommer for Fusion 360 user

Bommer for SOLIDWORKS allows me to easily create BOMs with a rolled up total for an entire assembly.  The ease of creating a BOM that shows the total quantity needed of a single item across multiple subassemblies is very helpful to me and my team

—  Brad Goddard, Engineering Manager, Vizient Inc

Bommer takes Fusion's capabilities from good to great. The BOM management capabilities and additions Bommer brings to the table are invaluable to me as a small shop owner and a hobbyist

—  Matt P, Fifth Dimension Props

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